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Discover the "Ordovician" difference

Keeping the essence

Extremely high in terms of medicinal value, the internal organs (flowers) of sea cucumber have a very high concentration of

  •  triterpene glycosides (saponins)

  •  chondroitin sulfates

  •  glycosaminoglycan (GAGs)

  • essential amino acids and fatty acids (DHA &EPA)

No more hassels

Consume directly or add to your cooking, "Ordovician" sea cucumbers save you the pain staking process of pre-treating them for up to 48 hours before consumption.


No need to follow lengthy instructional videos in order to enjoy the benefit of this wonder food.


100% natural flavor

"Ordovician" preserves the natural flavor of sea cucumber due to its "Full Body" approach in processing. If cooking is your passion, try this amazing food and discover what you've been missing!

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